Airmail Forgeries of Paraguay  –  Click on the image for a larger picture

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Paraguay is somewhat unusual in that although a few regular issues between 1869 and 1881 were forged, the emphasis was placed on the airmail issues between 1929 to 1937.
Most collectors think that forgeries are relegated to only older expensive stamps however Paraguay is proof that this is not the case.
There is not a lot of information available on these but my research and finds indicate that probably more than one forger was responsible as there are very good forgeries and some that are somewhat crude.
Based on my research, forgeries are often found with postmarks which may indicate that the purpose of these forgeries were postal in nature..
We will do a side by side comparison.

1929 – 31, C7 – C12
The genuine is on the left

On the forgery, the star has a heavily shaded background.
The rays are not well spaced.
The U.P.U. on the left is very small and indistinct.
The feathers are lacking detail.

As above

On the forgery, There is no color spot in the eye
The color spot on the letter seal r does not have an hourglass shape.
The cloud lines have many breaks
Several letters are not the same size or thickness and the serifs in PESOS are short

As above

Plane features are very coarse
The serifs on PESOS are short
The REP is taller than the others

As above
Note the color bump on the last S

1930, C19 – C24

In this series the forgery might pass off as being a worn plate.
In reality the forgery cap and rays are poorly drawn
The lion is also very crude

The key feature of this series is the clock tower.
In the genuine clock there is one vertical stroke.
In the forgery there are 3 curved lines

A block of forgeries

A rare imperf pair

1931 – 1939, C41- C49

The key feature are the 3 short lines between the plane and ship.
In the forgery they are lacking.

1931 – 1936, C56 – C73

The key feature of this stamp is the base of the left tree.
The genuine shows clearly defined grass, the forgery is heavily shaded.

In the forgery, the veins in the mate leaves are irregular.
The inscription in the middle is not legible.

In the forgery the top right star is tilted to the right.
The first U of UPU is misshapen.
The value circles are not well defined.

In the forgery, the lines in the wings are poorly defined.
The G of PARAGUAY looks like a C.
The Lines above the GUAY are not parallel.

1934 – 1937, C84 – C87

In the forgery, the bird under the CI does not have both wings.
Also the bird under the GU is missing
The horizontal lines in the stonework are lacking.

1935 – 1939, C98 – C101

Although the Scott catalog mentions “plentiful excellent forgeries”, they are in reality very crude and lacking in any detailed features such as the plane and background lines.

1935 – 1938, C102 – C106

This series of forgeries is relatively well done.
The key feature is the top left line of the ground.
In the genuine it curves upwards and is shortened.
In the forgery it is flat and long.