Pomeroy’s Letter Express

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Established in 1844, this was an inter-urban express company. It was the successor to “Pomeroy & Cos”. The service operated between Buffalo and New York City with stops in Rochester, Syracuse, Rome, Utica, Schenectady and Albany. There are a lot of different thoughts on the variety of types, paper, postal usage. The following more or less includes the general known varieties without the numerous color variations. Engraved by John E. Gavit, Albany, KY. (Seen as “GAVIT” in bottom part of stamp). Sheets of 40 (8×5). Gavit engraved several US postal issues.
Pelure Paper – all probably issued

Deep Milky Blue on pelure & reverse

Chocolate Brown & Black on pelure

Thick Wove Paper – all unissued? – possibly all remainders or reprints

Black on Buff & Black on Yellow Surface Coated

Black on Yellow colored through paper & Black on Orange Yellow colored through paper

Thin Hand Made Bond Paper – all issued

Black & Lake

Blue & Orange Red
The black & red (shades) are very common and can be obtained for under $10

Chocolate Brown unissued and Bright Yellow – a unique specimen not issued

Fibrous Paper – all unissued? These may be remainders/reprints that show up for sale fairly frequently posing as the issued variety – they are plentiful with minimal value.

Black & Blue

Red & Orange


There are 2 varieties of the issued stamps – one without the “20 for $1“

The Forgeries
There are at least 10 forgeries known ranging from very crude to deceptive.

The Uglies

These need no explanation as they are very crude and do not resemble the genuine.
The top left one is a Scott (yes, of Scotts Cat.)
The blue one is a Taylor forgery with the name Gavit missing
The second row, right one, the crude letters give it away
The bottom one is a Moens forgery (another cataloger who made forgeries) . It has the following traits
1. The “GAVIT” above the value is missing.
2. The “XP” in “EXPRESS” is not joined and the “X” is missing the bottom left serif.
3. Overall the letters are lacking proper serifs and are not bold
4. The hair on the shoulder is only one strand.
It is printed in Black on fine white wove paper.

These are a slight improvement
On the left
1. The value reads “20 FOR ST”.
2. The head is more inclined with a thinner face.
3. The “R”s in “POMEROY”, “LETTERS”, and “EXPRESS”, all have small bottom serifs.
4. The letters “XP”  in “EXPRESS” are not joined.
5. The name “GAVIT” starts before the”S” in “ST”.
Very prolific forgery found in a few dozen colors and papers.

On the right;
Same issues as above
The value reads “10 FOR ST”.
Not found in as many colors – possibly the same source but an earlier variety

These are very good forgeries and may belong to the same forger. The key feature is the very inclined head.
On the left;
1. The value inscription reads “20 FORST”.
2. The “R”s in “POMEROY”, “LETTERS”, and “EXPRESS”, all have small bottom serifs. The
original has large bottom serifs.
3. The letters “XP” in “EXPRESS” are not joined.
4. The name “GAVIT” starts before the”S” in “ST”.
This forgery is prolific and comes in a very wide range of colors, papers and paper colors. The one shown below is one of them.

On the right;
1. The value inscription reads “10 FORST”.
2. The characteristics of forgery above are repeated.

There is at least one that I do not have representations of.
It is Typographed and closely resembles the Moens work
The “X” is broken
It is a gold color on cream paper

These are not listed in Scott’s but appears to have been a forwarding company. I have no details on forgeries although there it is noted that there were many “reproductions” in a variety of colors. The following example may be an original issue