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Genuine Issues

Ed 141 & 142

Ed 143 & 144

Ed 145 & 145s

Ed 146

Ed 147 & 147a

Ed 148 & 148s

Ed 149 & 150

Ed 150 block

Ed 151 & 152

Ed 153 Type I light Print & Heavy print

Ed 153 Types The Type I is by far the most common


This series has specific traits for genuine stamps

1. Break in vertical line
2. Breaks in the balance supports
3. White shapes in the robe – this seems to vary so not reliable

Ed 141

Type III
Bottom letters too thick – T tops not slanted
Brick like sections in the crown are very different
Shape in lower right of shield is awkward

Type VI
D in DE is slanted
C of CENT has large serif
Tower on shield is wrong

Ed 142

Type I
No horizontal background lines

Ed 142 Type II
Letters touch the oval frame line
Several letters are joined together

Ed 144

Segui forgery
The key in this and subsequent Segui forgeries is the white dot in the S of ESPANA

Segui Block

Ed 145

Type I
Very good forgery
Lacking finer shading lines

Type III
ES joined together
Shape of the face and chin are wrong
Missing genuine traits

Type V
Excellent forgery – possibly a Sperati
White dots in letters
Minor differences in shading lines


Ed 146

Segui Forgery – as previous with dot in the S

Segui Block

Forgery unknown
Missing some genuine traits
A lot of shading missing
Corner elements are lacking

Ed 148

Forgery unknown
A very good forgery with genuine traits – possibly a Sperati
Corner elements lacking details

Ed 150

Type I
Genuine elements missing
Face is very different
Large 1’s too thin

Type II – telegraph use
Shading lines missing
Major difference in letters especially UNAPESATA

Type III
Excellent forgery  – possibly Sperati
Minor differences in letters and the face
Tilde over the N is thinner

Segui Forgery – as previous with dot in the S

Forgery unknown
Very good forgery
Much heavier shading
Wide tilde over the N
Dots along the outer frame are smaller and less prominent

Ed 151

Type I
Lacking genuine details
Thinner letters
Face is different
Large foot on the top 4

Type II
Good forgery
Lots of white spots
Lower P is different
Major difference in the face

Type III – crude forgery – telegraph use
Lacking genuine traits
Face very different
Corner elements are wrong

Sperati forgery – excellent forgery
The second I of COMUNICACIONS is broken
The A of this same word has a bad right leg
Break in the S of PESATA

Ed 152

Type I
The 8 is malformed
Several letters are broken
Genuine traits are lacking

Type II
Large tilde
The face is wrong
Very dark shading

Segui forgery – as previous with dot in the S

Sperati forgery
The first N in COMUNICACIONES is broken
The second E of PESETA is broken at the top
The 1 of 1874 has a black spot on the left hand side.

Ed 153

Type II
The lion’s head is larger
Large space between the E & T of PESATA
Top letters are shaped differently

Type IV
Many breaks in the horizontal lines
Top & bottom letters are different

Torres bogus facsimile