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Genuine Issues

Ed 115

Ed 118a & 117

Ed 118 & 118a Carmine

Ed 119 & 119a

Ed 120

Ed 121 Type I & Type II

121 Types

Ed 122

Ed 123 & 123a

Ed 124 & 124a

Ed 125 & 125a

Ed 126 & 126a

Ed 127 & 128

Ed 129

Ed 125 Color Test




Ed 116 forgery

Corner numerals are thick
Left side letters are thin as with the bottom ones
Top tip of the 2 is more inclined

Ed 117 Forgeries

Excellent forgery probably Segui
Top E is slightly tilted as is the small lower S

Presumed to be a Segui
The upper and lower vertical strokes of all the “E” measure the same.
“C” of COMUNICs inclined to the left.
The background striped above “5” only has 2 stripes instead of 4 in the original.
Very small dot after CENTS

Ed 119 Forgeries

Fournier forgery of Ed 119
Perfs are 13.9
Pronounced white halo on the back of the hair and ear.
The “Ñ” is an “N”.
The second “C” of COMMUNICATIONS is more rounded.
The shading on the face is different and not as fine

Fournier forgery of Ed 119a

Ed 121 Forgeries

Type I
Top S crosses the frame
The numerals 10 are thick as well as the Cs
Eyes are wrong

Type II
Very thick letters and numerals
Small letters in ESPANA
Eyes are wrong

Type III
Top letters are different esp. the C & S
Heavy horizontal lines in the bottom frame
Ear is shaped differently

Type IV
Many  issues with all the letters
Eyes are wrong
Horizontal lines are uneven & broken

Fournier forgery
The horizontal lines of the upper left triangle are far from the left frame.
White halo on the back of the hair and ear.
The “Ñ” is an “N”.

The eyes are wrong
Bottom Cs are too short
S & P of ESPANA too small

Ed 123 Forgeries

Fournier forgery
Same issues as prior Fournier

Ed 124 Forgeries

Fournier forgery
Same issues as prior

Unknown very good forgery possibly Segui
Large pupils
Heavy shading lines in the face
Very fine background and hair lines

Ed 125 Forgeries

Fournier forgery
Same as prior

Ed 126 Forgeries

Fournier forgery
Same as prior

Ed 129 Forgeries

Fournier forgery
Very good forgery
Eyelid lacks shading
Lots of halo white around the head

Very good forgery possibly Segui
Bottom letters are thinner