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Genuine Issues

Ed 102 0n Buff & 102 on white

Ed 102 color essays

Ed 103 on White & Ed 104 Chestnut Yellow

Ed 105 Rose

Ed 106 Violet & Ed 106 Gray

Ed 107 Ultramarine & Ed 108 Reddish Brown

Ed 109 Brown & Ed 110 Green

Ed 111 Lilac Gray & Ed 112 Blue

Ed 113 & Ed 114 Yellow Green


First one can look for the traits of a genuine stamp
1. White area & line break in top left
2. & 3. Line breaks in the outer oval
4. Line break
5. Line break
6. V Notch in the end of the C

NOTE – most or all of the following lack the genuine traits so I will not repeat them

Ed 107

Forgery Type I
Very crude and rough
Letters are awkward and uneven
Heavy shading throughout

Forgery Type II
Crude forgery
Eyes are narrow
Top letters are short
Wide spacing in background waves

Type II Block

Forgery Type III
Decent forgery
Top letters are short and not well aligned
The eyes are not properly shaped

Forgery Type IV
Decent forgery
Top letters are thin
Face and neck shading is short and lacking

Forgery Type V
Good forgery
Shading in eyebrows and chin is different
Eyes are slightly different

Forgery Type VI
Crude forgery
Background waves are shallow
Tired droopy eyes
Heavy shading

Forgery Type VIII
Good forgery similar to the Type V
Background in the oval irregular
Letters are thinner
Eyes are slightly different

Forgery Type X – many genuine traits visible
Very good forgery – probably Segui
Shading around contour of  face and neck is lacking
Shading on chin and neck is heavier

Forgery Type X Block

Forgery Type XI
Excellent forgery – possibly Sperati
Almost identical to Type X but more breaks in the lines

Forgery Type XII
Possibly a Type XI with fake cancels

Ed 108

Type I
Very good forgery
Very heavy shading lines throughout
White space in neck is different

Type II
Somewhat crude
Details lacking
Eyes are wrong

Type III
fair forgery
Very heavy shading on chin
Eyes and shading are different
Small s below is misshapen

Type IV
Very thick letters
Heavy shading throughout

Ed 109

Sperati forgery
Almost perfect forgery as it was taken from an original
Minor differences in the shading especially the hair
Shading around the eyelid is more pronounced

Type I
Very good forgery – possibly Fournier
Breaks around outer oval frame missing
L in MIL is too short

Type II Segui
Many minor details are missing
Eyes are too narrow

Segui Block

Ed 111

Sperati Forgery
Excellent forgery
The first C on top is shaped differently – may not constant as a genuine was used
Eyes appear more open

Fournier Forgery
Lacks genuine features
Eyes are different
Shading lines different

Segui forgery
Genuine traits lacking
Second 0 of 600 not as inclined
Eyes are very different

Ed 112

Type I
An excellent forgery – possibly a Sperati
The top U and 2nd C are shaped differently
The dot after the 2 is shaped differently

Segui Forgery
Genuine traits are missing
Eyes are very different
Face looks wider

Segui Barrado

Fournier Forgery
Genuine traits missing
Heavy shading throughout
Lower U is too high

Ed 114

Segui Forgery
The star of the crown is shaped and inclined differently
Eyes are very different

Segui Barrado

Segui Block

Sperati Forgery
Photocopy of an authentic stamp, printed by photo-lithographed. Authentic paper, perfs and postmarks.
The S of COMMUNICATIONS has a break in the middle part of its lower circular stroke.
2Same flaw in the S of CUARTOS, but now at the top.
In the middle right of the right stroke of the top A there is a spiky color.

Fournier Forgery
The eyes are too wide open
The tip of the star crosses the frame line
Heavy broken shading lines