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Genuine issues

Ed 97 & 98

Ed 99 & 100

Ed 101

Breaks in lines of genuine


Ed 97 Segui forgery
No break in forehead line at eyebrow level
Shading in hair very heavy
Heavy shading on nose and etyelid

Ed 98 Type II
Lack opf Serifs in MILs
E & S of ESPANA very different
Tip of crown is short

Ed 98 type III
Dark Pupil
Elements in crown different
Lower left 50 is smaller
Slope of the nose is different

Ed 98 type IV
Heavy shading under the eye
Pointed nose
Chin very different
Heavy shading lines in the neck

Ed 100 Type I
Coarse lines in the neck and hair
Letters awkward particularly all the S
Very small ear

Ed 101 Type II Sperati
Top left frame corner broken
Dot right of lower A
Ornament right of the lower S is broken