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1867. January 1. Isabel II
Engravings by Eugenio Juliá Jover and Bartolomé Coromina.
Printed in typography in the National Factory. Size 20 x 25 mm. Line Perf 14.
Postal validity until June 30, 1867 (2 cu. 4 cu.), December 31, 1868 (10 et. and 20 et.) and December 31, 1869 (12 cu. and 19 cu.).

Genuine Issues

Ed. 87 & 88

Ed. 89 & 89a

Ed. 90 & 91

Ed. 92

Ed 88 Forgeries

There is a secret mark in the genuine 4c

There is a small break in the top line that normally touches the oval.

Probably a Segui forgery
The S of CORREOS is narrow.
White space in neck is sharp and pointed
Right cross shaped ornament right oval is too straight
Shading lines above the eyelid are too short and only 3 instead of 4

Block of the same

Ed 89 Forgeries

Segui Forgery
The ear lobe is larger
The corner elements are spaced further away from the oval frame
The shading on the neck does not extend as far into the cheek.
The tip of the neck is pointed.

Ed 90 Forgeries
There is a secret mark on this issue

The flower that fills the top left angle has a broken petal.

Segui forgery
No secret mark
The top bar of the E in DE is tilted upwards
The shading on the cheek is short.
Not enough lines in the shading above the eyebrow.

Segui Block

Sperati forgery
As might be expected, he included the secret mark
However, the corner is not square as shown below.
Sperati on the right.

Ed 92 Forgery

The bottom right ornament has a secret mark.
There are only 5 lines on the left side, all other have 6.

6 lines in the bottom right ornament
White space in the neck is lacking
Eyelid is not curved.

1867. July 1. Numerals and Isabel II
Design by Eugenio Juliá Jover. Printed in typography at the National Stamp Factory. Size 20 x 25 mm. Comb perf 14
Postal validity until December 31, 1868 (25 m. and 50 m.) and December 31, 1869 (5 m. and 10 m.).

Ed. 93 & 94

Ed. 95 & 96

Ed 93 Forgery

Segui forgery
The top of the O in IMPRESSOS is not slanted
The break in the vertical left side of the 5 is missing
The break in the inner circle opposite the S is missing

Ed 94 Forgery

Segui Forgery
Letters in the inside frame are thinner
The color dot under the O of FRANQUEO is missing
The numerals are thinner

Ed 95 Forgeries

Segui forgery
Only 4 lines of shading above the eyebrow
The tilde above the N is short
The flower ornaments in the oval are not uniform

Segui Inverts

Ed 96 Forgeries

Forgery Type I – Graus 126 I
Thin letters
Tip of bust rounded instead of pointed
Only 3 lines of shading above eyebrow instead of 4

Forgery Type II – Graus 126 II
Thinner letters
Bottom leg of the E in DE is longer
Many white areas in the hair

Forgery Type III – Graus 126 III
Thinner letters
Eye in narrower and eyelid not as inclined
2nd R of CORREOS more rounded on top and the S has a large top
Legs of the last A of ESPANA are curved

Forgery Type IV – Graus 126 IV
Thinner letters
Cross like side ornaments have larger loops
Outside border is thinner