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1864 Isabel II Ed 63 – 68
NOTE – the 2c has 2 distinguishing features – these may not always be easily discerned.
The outer left bottom frame is broken
The T of CTOS has a broken right foot


– on the 2r, the line below the R of Rs is broken

Genuine Characteristics
1. Curved line is broken
2. Space between 2 pearls under R
3. Although very close, no pearls touch
4. Break in joining line
5. White line space on back of neck
6. Circle and frame line do not touch
7. Odd shaped pearl
8. Break in line
9. Break in line – not always visible
10. Flat top pearl
11. Lips visible
12. Short lines between long ones

Postal forgeries are not common and they fetch impressive prices on auctions as noted by the CV’s below

Genuine on the left

Forgery Type 1
Printed by lithograph on very yellow paper.Overall very poor.
1 It lacks the semicircles of the 4 stars of the corners.
2 Most pearls are fused together
3 The ends of the top scroll are inside the frame
4 The numerals are short
5 The 6 almost looks like a 0.

Forgery Type II
Printed by lithography on very thick paper. Very crude design
Coarse heavy shading lines throughout

Postal Forgery Type III
The balls in the the bottom right star touch the circumference.
The eyes looks up.
Flat nose
Large 1 and 8
Bottom C is inclined and TOS is spread out
The zigzag ornament on the right is flouted by a piece at the top.

Forgery Type I
Reasonable effort overall
CORREOS has thick letters
Pearls are uneven around the frame
Sad look on the face

Postal Forgery Type I
Somewhat rare
Very small pearls
Heavy shading throughout

Forgery Type II
Well executed
Heavy broken lines in the neck
Pearls around the frame are very uneven

Right, Sperati forgery
Excellent as might be expected
Chain around center oval has thick sides
Corner star shapes have breaks and lack details
The T in TOS is inclined

The right stamp is a well done Segui forgery.
1 The second R is large.
2 The lower pearl of the upper right scroll is unshaded.
3 The eyebrow is formed by short lines of the same thickness.
4 The shading in the hair is heavy

Postal forgery type I – rare
Small uneven pearls around the frame
Heavy shading in the neck and face

Postal forgery Type II
Very similar to the one above but the shading is lighter

Forgery Type III
Very heavy shading lines
Thick 1
Uneven pearls around the frame

Very crude forgery – probably a postal forgery
All the elements are different

Reasonable forgery
Pearls are uneven around the frame
Very tall 2
Eye is different

Postal forgery type I
Overall better than the Type II below
Broken shading lines in neck
Uneven pearls around the frame

Postal forgery Type II
Similar to previous
Large dot close to the bottom S
Very large balls in corner stars
Large 2
Very heavy shading lines
Uneven pearls around the frame

Telegraph Stamps
I do not have information on forgeries for these but they probably exist.
Used copies are holed, mint ones are not common