1860 – 1861

1860- 1861 Isabel II Ed 51-56

Ed 51 Qty issued 2.160.648

Ed52 & color variation Issued 94.484.838

Ed 53 Qty. issued 576.860

Ed54 brown & chestnut Issued 35.521

Ed 55 & 56
Qty issued 803.444 & 999.374

Above are the genuine characteristics applicable to the complete series shown above.
1. Weak area, completely missing on some
2. First vertical pearl is higher than the horizontal ones.
3. The last 7 pearls are larger.
4. The second line from the bottom tends to be heavier.
5. The oblique line is far from the corner.

This series has a “secret mark”, the 3rd horizontal line can be severely broken or missing completely,



Type I
Extremely crude
Thick uneven letters
Widely spaced background lines

Another Type I forgery showing guide lines

The forgeries of the 4c are numerous, at least 13 have been identified

Very Crude

Segui Forgery
Sleepy eye look
S of CORREOS almost touched ribbon
Side frame sections uneven

Type I crude forgery
Large RE
Large white space in hair
No center line in the anchor
Background lines are wide apart

Type II very good forgery
No break in background top right
Dash in bottom right ornament
Uneven frame elements
No break in background top right

Type III
4 is tilted
CORREOS letters uneven
Large dark area in eyebrow and lower part of hair

Type IV
Short top on T
Eye wrong and deep cleft in chin
Very uneven background lines

Type V
Thick lips and deep chin cleft
Poorly shaped and uneven letters
Lots of white areas

Type VI
Short top letters and tall/thick bottom ones
Small side frame elements

Type VI used

Type VII
Large eye pupil
Tall bottom letters
Large blank areas in ribbon

Narrow top letters
Tall bottom O
No curl in ribbon ends

Type IX
Very short top letters
Tall awkward bottom letters
Broken background lines

Type X
Decent forgery but many minor faults

Type XI
Square O in CORREOS
Awkward bottom letters
Lots of missing background and details

Type XII
No pupil or eyebrow
Awkward bottom letters especially the C
Slanted top E

Barely perceptible eye
Narrow top S
Tall uneven bottom letters
White spaces in background
Tall C, U,R, T and short A

Forgery type XVII
Heavy shading above the eye
Irregular background lines
Pronounced lips


Type 1
Wide spaced background lines
Very awkward and uneven bottom letters
Ribbon ends are wide
Pointed chin

Type II
Thick bottom letters
Straight ribbon ends
Large pupil


Very crude forgery
Thick top and bottom letters
Widely spaced background lines
Small eye

Sperati forgery
Photo-lithographic reproduction of an authentic stamp and consequently
Left line of the first top O is  thin.
1. Several breaks in the upper right ribbon shading
2. Hairs joined together
3. Broken neck line
4. Broken background line
5. Broken line in anchor
6. Break in bottom frame below TO

Genuine left, Sperati right.
1. Lines in banner are broken
2. Thick hair lines.
3. Missing line.
4. Break in line above the T
5. Dots in the anchor.
6. Break in frame line.


Good forgery – possibly Segui
Left side of A of REAL is more sloped
First top O is large
tres-foil in crown too large

Type I
Overall very crude
Thick bottom letters
Widely spaced background lines
Large side frame line elements


Segui forgery
No break in background top right
The chin line is short and unmarked
The top S is awkward
Bottom inscription has thick and slightly misaligned letters

Segui block

Type I Decent forgery
Tall top letters
Bottom letters out of alignment
Left ribbon end not curved
Extra shading lines in the ribbon

Type II Good forgery
Bottom letters are tall
Thick eyebrow
Coarse neck lines
Odd shaped top S

Type III
Heavy lines in the eye, nose and mouth
Very thin bottom letters
Thin horizontal line in right ribbon

Type IV
Poorly constructed side frames
Tall bottom letters
Many white spaces in the background

Type V decent forgery
Bottom corner elements touch the frame lines
Odd shaped top S
Nose is pointed