1924 – 1945

1933 Russian Airmail Forgeries Sc 45-49

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In 1933 the Soviet government released a set of five airmail stamps commemorating the tenth anniversary of Soviet aviation and airmail service. The basic design of the set features a Tupolev ANT-9 high wing airplane with the dates ‘1923-1933’ at the top. There is a different background on each of the five stamps; blast furnaces on the 5k, oil wells on the 10k, combines on the 20k, a map of the Moscow-Volga Canal project on the 50k, and an icebreaker on the 80k.

The forgeries appear to be fairly numerous, I found that at least 1/3 or more of these stamps offered are forgeries. Perforations and overall sizes are different as well as some minor features so I am inclined to believe that more than 1 type exits.

I have posted the forgery on the left and genuine on the right.
I have included the main characteristics but each stamp as many more minor ones.


1. Top of “2” curves down further, bottom slopes downwards
2. Wheel misshapen
3. Small “P”
4. ‘O & Y” touch
5. Rounded end on the “5” and smaller slit at top
6. No strut
7 Ends of window lack extensions
8. “C” touches aileron
9. Small opening in “P”



1. “C” touches aileron
2. Small opening in “P”
3. Base of “2” slopes down
4. Misshapen wheel
5. Small “P”
6. Longer window and no projections
7. Tips almost touch


1. “C” touches aileron
2. Tips very close together
3. Dash almost touches “9”
4. Misshapen wheel
5. Small “P”
6. Several letters touching (over inking?)
7. No strut
8. Long window lacking extensions



1. “C” touches aileron
2. Long window lacking extensions
3. Extra axle
4. No aileron
5. Small “P”
6. River missing
7. Blurred letters
8. River too wide
9. River touches fuselage
10. Strut misplaced


This is probably the best forgery of the series with very few blatant issues
1. “C” touches aileron and line is wavy
2. Window is larger and no prominent extension
3. “O & Y” touching