Polish Legion Cinderellas

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Jozef Pilsudski raised the Polish Legion to fight against Russia to regain Poland’s independence.
The stamps were charity stamps with no postal value and were intended to promote enlistment in the Polish Legion.
The four values exist perforated and imperforate. Printed in Vienna, 30 X 34mm.

Jozef Pilsudski wartime hero

These Cinderellas are plentiful and can be found as singles and in blocks.
Most blocks I have seen are forgeries and about half the singles are also forgeries.

The original stamps


The forgeries

At First glance, the forgeries look quite good when compared to the originals but a few traits easily tell them apart.

1. The main feature of the forgery above is the missing talon in the left foot
2. The end of the tail is small and crude
3. The background between the numerals is incomplete
4. The head is shaped differently and there is a large dash on the right side
5. The background objects are completely different and lacking
NOTE – The rough perforations are not a common forgery trait.
I have seen these with clean perforations such as the auction block shown below.

Even generally reputable auction house have forgeries

A Cherrystone Auctions offering

Common auction forgery block