Theresienstadt Forgeries

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During World War II in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the Gestapo used Theresienstadt as a ghetto for Jews from Czechoslovakia, as well as many from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

The non-denominated stamp was issued in Bohemia and Moravia in July 1943 for use on parcels being sent from the Theresienstadt ghetto in Bohemia.

Genuine Issue
1. The background lines are straight and unbroken.
2. There should be 3 dots here.
3. The tower roof has 3 white lines. Note the number of windows.
4. This should be a discernible dot and dash.
5. These markers have 6 dots.
6. Lines are made up of short dashes.
7. The engraver
‘s initials “FC” are here

A properly cancelled original

A rare genuine proof

A sheet issued for the Red Cross

I have no information on the origin of these fakes.
Given the differences, several forgers must be involved.

A typical forgery which will apply to most variations
1. Parallel lines are broken, the lines tend to be thicker. Clouds tend to be darker with pronounced dark areas between them.
2. Series of 3 dots partial or missing entirely
2a. Up to 4 visible horizontal lines in spire in genuine – this is also an inking issues and may not be visible. The lower structures on the right should also have visible windows as in the stamp above.
3. Item a single blotch instead of a distinct dot with a dash underneath as in the genuine
4. Misshapen top of “T”
5. Wrong number and alignment of dots in markers, particularly the left one which should show 6 dots
6. Short ends pointing down
7. Dashes throughout the stamp that are more like heavy dots, this is a main feature of the forgeries , often these lines are vertical as well as horizontal

A very crude forgery

Another different forgery described as a rare variety for sale
2 dots in the cloud line
No engraver initials.

A block of eBay forgeries

An eBay forgery

An eBay forgery properly described

A full sheet of forgeries – probably a recent printing

Often these auctions are noted as being signed. However, many expert signatures are themselves forgeries as in this example.

This issue should only be certified recently by a knowledgeable expert of a German group such as the BPP.