Legion of French Volunteers

The Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism

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The LFV was mainly made up of right-wing Frenchmen and French prisoners of war to fight on the Russian front..
Many Russians who fled the Bolshevik Revolution (1917–1922) and who were enrolled in the Légion étrangère (Foreign Legion) joined the LFV.
Created in 1941, the LFV received over 13,000 applicants, the Germans placed 5,800 into duty.

On 24 October 1941 a souvenir Polar Bear Sheet with a surcharge of 100 Francs was issued. The Polar Bear with the red star represents Russia while the Sword is the New Order.
On the upper corner is the French Vichy Axe with the LVF inscription.
An estimated 30,000 sheets were sold in the Paris Feldpost Headquarters of the LVF and another 5000 sheets were placed on sale on 31 October.
The sheet was designed by Vinay and engraved by Degorce and were to be used primarily for airmail service to and from the Eastern Front.
It exists perforated and imperforate as noted by the “U” designation in the listing above.

The stamp itself is finely engraved with the designer & engraver names quite clear.

The souvenir sheet shows some misaligned perfs as shown and a few letters that have an inclined top. These do not appear to be consistent.
The misaligned perfs show up in the previous stamp enlargement.

Both the perfed and imperforate were forged with and without postmarks.
There appears to be more than 1 type.

The perfs are very regular and smaller. The stamp itself lacks detail. The names are more blurred.

Although I have not found any notations, this stamp appears to lack much more detail than the previous forgery. The postmarks are crude and not like the originals.

Here again there are notable differences from the other forgeries. The letters are very irregular. There is more lack of detail and the color is off.