Postage Due

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The French Colonies postage due are essentially identical to the France series other than being imperforate rather than perforated.
Except for a few of the 1884 higher values, the CV of these makes them easy to collect.

There are 3 main issues
1. 1884 14 all black
2. 1884 3 colour maroon
3. 1893 – 1908 9 various colours.

The genuine 1884 issue

There are several crude and ancient forgeries easily noted by the lack of finer details. Little is known of their origins.

Fournier was the main contributor and produced 2 series of forgeries.

Fournier forged the complete set of the first 1884 series.
Although they all have common features described below, each stamp has specific traits;
They have the following characteristics
1 c: The frameline above the upper left ‘RF’ is irregular
There is a small black line in the white line above the ‘R’ of ‘CHIFFRE’
2 c: There are two breaks in the upper frameline above ‘CH’.
3 c: The right bottom corner has a downwards extension.
4 c: There is a tiny dot in front of the ‘4’.
5 c: none in particular.
10 c: The ‘R’ of ‘PERCEVOIR’ has a white space in the left leg.
15 c: The bottom right corner is rather smudged
20 c: There is a tiny dot in the upper part of the banderole next to the ‘S’ of ‘CENTIMES’.
30 c: A small dot appears just above the lower curl of the ‘3’.
40 c: There is a dot between the ‘V’ and ‘O’ of ‘PERCEVOIR’.
60 c: There is a tiny dot on top of the ‘R’ of ‘PERCEVOIR’.
1 F: There is a dot behind the ‘R’ of ‘PERCEVOIR’
2 F: The bottom of the ‘S’ of ‘FRANCS’ is badly done
5 F: There is a tiny dot to the left of the t

The 60c forgery – dot on top of R (PERCEVOIR)

Fournier also forged the 1884 maroon series

Comparison of a genuine and the most common forgery

1.  & 5. The RF lacks serifs
2. The dot is small and out of place
3. The fine horizontal lines are lacking detail
4., 6. & 7. There is no fine double line

The most dangerous is the modern forgery (origin unknown)

Forged cancellations are very common on these.
Some of the more common ones are shown below.

There are a few odd cases of genuine Colonies postage dues being perforated to mimic France issues but these are rare.