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Genuine Issues

Ed 130

Ed 130 Color Error

Ed 131 & 132

Ed 133 & Test print

Ed 134 & 134a

Ed 134 Trial Prints

Ed 135 & 136

Ed 137 & 138

Ed 139 & 140


Ed 130

Excellent forgery – probably Segui
e & s of bottom Correos are different
s of top Correos is shorter
Foot of 1 & 4 too short

Ed 133

Type I
Top letters are too short
Bottom letters are too low

Type II
Tall lower letters
Side letters too large
Face very different

Type III
Thin letters
Some bottom letters too tall
Branch in the hand is not curved at the top

Type V
Top letters are oddly shaped
Bottom letters not even
Lot of details around on on the shield are wrong

Type VI
Head and hair very different
Top letters are tall and uneven
Side frames are indistinct

Type VII
Top letters tall and uneven
Shading lines in the skirt are different
Lot of breaks in horizontal lines

Top letters very uneven
Very different facial features
Bottom D is squarish

Type X
Extremely poor forgery
Letters are all awkward
Heavy frame lines around the skirt
Lines uneven and broken

Ed 134

Segui forgery
Differences in shape and angle of top letters
Large nose

Ed 137

Large thick top letters
50 is larger
Left side letters are slanted

Ed 138

Type I
Very uneven top letters
Short left side of U
E & T shaped differently

Ed 139

Shadow around the skirt
P & E are less inclined
Slope of nose is different

Sperati Forgery – very deceptive but rare
Letters are thicker
Outer frame lines are thicker
Lower P is not inclined

Ed 140

Type I possibly Sperati see above

Type II – possibly another Sperati type used as a telegraph stamp
Color dash on top of the C
Leg of the M is more inclined